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Why should you shop with an on-line quilt shop?
1. Confidence- It is Quilt N Bee's goal to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your selection and we will do what it take to make that so.
2. Quality- Quilt N Bee stock high quality merchandise. You want the best and we have it for you. We are quilters and therefore are constantly on the look out for the highest quality at the best price.
3. Service- Quilt N Bee strives to have the best service around. We will respond to your concerns by phone, text or email. What ever is best for you. We want you happy and satisfied. We ship on time and we let you know what is going on. If there is a problem please let us know we will fix it!
4. Selection- Quilt N Bee offers an excellent selection of high quality quilting products and services. We can take you from start to finish and answer all those questions you have.
5. Price- Quilt N Bee offers a great value for all our products and we keep our overhead low.
When you shop at Quilt N Bee you have become one of our best friends and we don't disappoint our friends.
6. Privacy- We never share or sell your information. We don't do that to friends. 

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506 W C Ave
Cache, OK 73527

Mailing Address is
PO BOx 131
Cache, OK 7327


(580) 429-2400




Monday-Saturday 9-2pm
Sunday Closed