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Event Details

Pink Friday!

When: Nov 17, 2023
From 9:00 am to 10:00 pm
Where: Quilt N Bee
506 W C Ave Cache, OK 73527
Contact: (580) 429-2400

🌸 Hey there, lovely souls! Circle 'round and lend an ear, A special day approaches, and the message is clear. On the seventeenth of November, we're set to embrace, Pink Friday's charm, our community's grace.

🛍️ It's more than a shopping spree, it's a heartfelt display, Supporting local businesses in every single way. They've been with us all year, through thick and through thin, From school fundraisers to crafty wins.

🏪 Think back on Timmy's games and Cindy Lu's dreams, Your local shops backed them, or so it seems. Now's the moment to show our gratitude, sincere, By choosing them first this Pink Friday, let's cheer!

🎉 An annual tradition, #SupportSmallFirst we proclaim, Before the big guys, it's local we acclaim. Community over competition, let's stand side by side, On this day of togetherness, let's take pride.

💗 Pink Friday's essence is more than just a deal, It's about fostering bonds that truly feel real. So save the date, let's make a wonderful start, November 17th, a day that warms every heart.

🌟 Quilt N Bee invites you, come one and come all, Let's make this Pink Friday a heartwarming ball. Shop small, shop local, let's make our stand, For community triumphs when we lend a hand!

Thank you for your understanding, and let's celebrate Pink Friday together with a sense of unity and support for our local businesses. 🌺