Just Two Charm Packs Quilts 11546 C & T Publishing#1 - 9781644033739
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Just Two Charm Packs Quilts 11546 C & T Publishing#1

"Dual Charm Pack Quilts: Stunning Designs in Two Colorways"

Get ready to double the charm with this captivating quilting guide, inspired by the success of Cheryl's first book, "Just One Charm Pack Quilts." In this exciting sequel, Cheryl shows readers how to combine charm packs from two different collections or mix and match with stashed charm packs to create stunning quilts that will leave you in awe.

Slash your stash and watch the colors dance as you embark on a quilting adventure that combines two colorways in every project. From vibrant and bold to soft and serene, Cheryl's modern geometric designs are sure to captivate the eye and add a touch of sophistication to any space.

With clear instructions and expert tips, Cheryl will guide you through her process of selecting and combining fabrics, turning you into a fabric matching guru in no time. Discover the magic of pairing complementary colors and watch as stunning geometric patterns emerge against negative space, creating quilts that are as visually striking as they are cozy and inviting.

Whether you're snuggling with loved ones or gifting to friends, these dual charm pack quilts are sure to delight and inspire. So grab your charm packs and get ready to dive into a world of color and creativity with "Dual Charm Pack Quilts"—where every quilt tells a story of beauty, ingenuity, and endless possibility.