Red and White Quilts II - 9781683561835
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Red and White Quilts II

Red and White Quilts II  this eagerly anticipated sequel, 14 featured red-and-white quilt designs check all the boxes: antiques, classic, contemporary, and many styles in between. Patchwork, applique, and medallion quilts from world-renowned designers accompany antique quilts From unknown-yet uber talented- quiltmakers. Enjoy designs from: Susan Ache, Lissa Alexander, Lisa Bongean, Jessica Dayon, Nancy Martin, Sherri McConnell, Debbie Roberts, Gerri Robinson, Pat Sloan, Helen Stubbings, and Karen Styles. 

The beloved two-color combination has captured the hearts of quilters throughout the years, and you can continue the tradition when you stitch your favorites from this collection. No matter if you choose to display them as art pieces in your home, curl up with them in the couch, or lovingly gift them to friends and family, these red-and-white quilts are sure to be adored and loved for years and years.