2024 QNB Class Pass
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2024 QNB Class Pass

Elevate your learning experience in 2024 with the QNB Class Pass!  For just $300.00, unlock a year of educational possibilities and empower yourself to grow in your chosen craft.

 With the QNB Class Pass, you gain exclusive access to a monthly class of your choice throughout the entire year, absolutely FREE of charge! Dive into a world of knowledge, skill-building, and creativity as you select from our diverse range of classes.

 Whether you're passionate about art, eager to master a new language, or aiming to enhance your professional skills, the QNB Class Pass has you covered. Explore, learn, and excel with each month presenting a new opportunity for personal and professional development.

 Please note that while the class itself is complimentary with your QNB Class Pass, kits and supplies are not included. However, our classes provide the guidance you need to source your materials and make the most out of your learning journey.

 Seize the chance to invest in yourself and make 2024 a year of continuous growth. Purchase your QNB Class Pass now and embark on a twelve-month adventure of learning and discovery!

 Ready to start your educational journey? Click the link below to secure your QNB Class Pass today!

Here's to a year of enrichment, growth, and seizing every opportunity to learn!

 QNB Class Pass Team