Coffee Break Table Runner Kits
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Coffee Break Table Runner Kits

???? Well, hello there, lovely quilters and crafters! ???? Gather 'round as we unravel the delightful tale of the Coffee Break Table Runner Kit, the perfect gift for those who savor every sip of their coffee or tea, or perhaps even dance behind the espresso machine, just like your favorite barista! ?????

Now, listen up, because this kit comes in not one, but two fabulous styles to match your creative vibe! You've got the vibrant Tula Pink Rainbow, bursting with colors like a rainbow after the rain ????, or the charming and cozy Country Cottage Blues, reminiscent of lazy afternoons in a quaint countryside abode. Oh, the choices!

What's in this treasure trove of a kit, you ask? Well, hold onto your thimbles, because you're in for a treat! It's got all the fabric you need for that stunning top that will surely steal the show, the binding to wrap it up in style, and even the backing fabric to complete the whole masterpiece! ?????

And what's a quilt without a pattern? Fear not, for the Coffee Break Table Runner Pattern from the talented minds at Cut Loose Press (#CLPKAL012) is here to guide you every step of the way. Designed with love by the one and only Karla Alexander, this pattern is like a roadmap to quilting heaven.

Oh, but here's the twist! This pattern calls for the ingenious Creative Grids Spider Web Ruler. ????????? It's like your trusty sidekick, helping you weave that intricate web of creativity with precision and flair.

Now, drumroll, please! ???? The final masterpiece, when lovingly stitched together, measures a splendid 21 inches by 46 inches. That's right, you're crafting a table runner that's sure to steal the spotlight, making your coffee breaks and tea time moments even more enchanting.

So there you have it, dear quilters and makers. The Coffee Break Table Runner Kit, a symphony of fabric and pattern, brought to life by your artistic touch. Whether it's a gift for a kindred spirit who adores coffee or tea, or even a tribute to the magical world of baristas, this kit is your ticket to quilting magic. So grab your needles, pick your style, and let the quilting adventure begin! ????????

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