Danny's Dinos Quilt KIT
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Danny's Dinos Quilt KIT

Dinos: Triceratops (Orange)

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Introducing Danny’s Dinos Quilt Kit – a complete package to craft a personalized masterpiece for the newest kiddo in your life! This comprehensive kit includes everything you need for the quilt top, binding, and pattern. The kit features a fun and quick appliqué pattern with 4 roar-some dinosaurs to choose from: the mighty T-Rex, the gentle Brontosaurus, the fierce Triceratops, and the spiky Stegosaurus. Each quilt finishes at a cozy 40” x 54”, providing the perfect snuggle spot for your little explorer. Additionally, the kit contains full-size reversed tracing templates and an alphabet ready for appliqué, ensuring a hassle-free customization process. These critters are dino-mite, and while we've kitted them per dino, feel free to mix and match to create the perfect dino-themed masterpiece that makes your heart ROAR with joy! Don't forget to scroll down to grab your 2 1/4 yards of steam-a-seam lite! #DannysDinos #QuiltKit #PersonalizedCreation