Grabbit myPad Needle Organizer - 081196015016
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Grabbit myPad Needle Organizer

This handy organizer for slightly used sewing machine needles is updated with more needle types and sizes. Organize slightly used needles by needle type and size.

- Coordination of needle types with the SCHMETZ color chart. For example, the SCHMETZ color -code for an embroidery needle is red. Note the red Embroidery color block on the myPad™.
- All needle sizes are now represented for each needle type.
- Cleaner design, easier to read, and use.
- Flower head pin included to identify the needle currently used in the sewing machine.

Don't throw away a perfectly good unidentified sewing machine needle again! MyPad for Needles™ has brightly colored cells designating needle types and sizes to keep track of your slightly used needles until the next sewing project. Simply slip the needle into the appropriate cell on this super thick felt pad and you have it marked for the next time. There is also a flower pin to designate the needle that you are currently using in your machine. Almost every needle type is represented and there is ample space for you to designate unusual needles yourself with cloth and pen marker. You will love the way this product combines function with pleasing design. At last, the answer to our needle frustrations! Size: 6.75in x 6.75in.